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Fraiser Heights, Surrey
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This picture shows the central plaza, with the super long grind box, and the bank to sub in the background.

Thanks To: djfivejames

Fraiser Heights is a "pure fake street" park. It is shaped roughly like a hollow square. There are no quarters or spines or other fun stuff of that kind. Everything that is in this park is something you could theoretically find on the streets. For a street park, it is actually kind of fun, it flows pretty well, and there are some challenging rails. It was built by new line, so it was built right, and it has their signature coping that grinds like ice. Probably the main feature of the park is the bank to slanted subbox. As far as I know, this is the only park in the lower mainland that has one.

Directions: Coming from vancouver on Hwy 1, you take the second exit after the port mann bridge, the 160 st. exit. You will go around a cloverleaf and end up at a stoplight. Turn right, and drive north over the highway on 160 st. Go straight through the next stoplight. You will drive through a little patch of forest. The park is on the north side of the forest, on the right side of 160 st. beside a new community center.

Gooogle Map: Click Here

Standing on the central plaza, looking over the manual pad section.

One of the two flights of stairs. This one has shallower grind boxes, and a tall kinked rail.

The other stair set. Its a nine set with a steep rail. You can also see the bank to three stair, and a short rail on the deck.

The bank to sub. The sub is about 2 1/2 feet tall, the bank is about 4 ft tall.

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