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Looking down into the shallows of the Gibsons bowl.

The Gibsons bowl is a classic from the same era as Seylynn and Griffin but since Gibsons is a much smaller town they ended up with a much smaller park. The bowl starts out with the shallows which then narrow and drop into a deeper section. The bowl snakes to the right and then curves back around to the left creating a nice hip, a hip/tongue thing and a round bowl at the end. Back in the day the original surface was a bit shady. Most of the lip and the area around the drain were chipped away and the surface was pretty kinky. Sometime in the last few years the city had the whole bowl resurfaced and hats off to whoever did the work. The new surface is thick and is smooth as silk. All the old inconsistencies are gone.

This old school beauty is just about perfect but unfortunately it's a limited time offer. The skaters of Gibsons got together to ask for a new park and the city is getting ready to build one. Most kids of course want to grind curbs more than they want to flow an old school bowl like this so the Gibsons bowl is about to die. There is a modern bowl planned for the new park and to save money they are going to rip out the old bowl and reuse the drainage system. Wouldn't it save more money to just leave this classic alone and build a concrete mini instead? Look at the White Rock park, they left their old bowl alone and built a new park up around it. Times change and styles change but the Gibsons bowl is still a hell of a lot of fun 20 years after it's construction. Why tear it out now?

If you are planning a trip to the Sunshine Coast for any reason bring your bike and hit up this bowl before it's gone.

Drive into Gibsons. There is one main road that goes through upper Gibsons, the 1A. Follow this road past the high school, a shopping mall, a lumber place and a church. After the church turn right onto Park St. The bowl is up a block and is on your right.

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Hitting the first hip. That pole is just begging to be walltapped.

You can blast this thing all day. Super fun.

A shot from the back of the bowl looking over the two main hips.

Gibsons Bowl = Skateboard History. Table on the hip/tongue thing.

Enough said. Get out there before it's too late.