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Seylynn, North Vancouver

An overview of the snake run looking up from the bottom, i'm on my way back up the speed line.

Seylynn is an old concrete snake run from the seventies but it's still one of the best parks in the Lower Mainland. It's located in North Vancouver and sits right beside a river where you can keep your beer cool. The snake run starts out at about 6 feet deep with nearly vertical walls and goes straight for about 30 feet. Then it mellows out a bit and turns right, left, right, left and then drops into a 10 foot deep bowl. The whole thing is on a hill so you can get tons of speed. If you follow the speed line going up and over the hips instead of following the corners you can get enough speed to pump around the bottom bowl and back up the hill to the beginning of the run.

There are hips and corners and transfers everywhere so what lines you find is kind of up to you. There's a big left hip near the top of the run that's a good hit and then you can just carve and air whatever gets in your way. This park is really fun for a summer afternoon session and since the construction of the Parkgate and Kirkstone skateparks Seylynn is almost always empty. If you want to ride it early in spring bring a broom because the bottom gets full of leaves during the winter and gets super slick. Also there is almost always a puddle near the top of the run so you might want to sweep the water out of there.

To find the park go to Phibbs exchange bus loop in North Van and ride up one block West on Main, turn right at the A&W and go North on Mountain Highway for 4 or 5 blocks. It's in the park you'll see on the left. If you are driving just take the #1 over the Second Narrows Bridge and exit at the Main St. exit. At the first set of lights turn right on Mountain Highway, there is an A&W on the corner. Go North for 4 or 5 blocks and keep your head up for a left turn at the Seylynn park sign.

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