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notanasshole Heal up Neil, much love out to you.
notanasshole Sign this petition, save KUSH Trails. (click!)
Flash Merry Christmas 2018!
notanasshole Neil (click!)
Flash 2018 Homies!
Flash word up
2_2 miss you guys sept 26 richmond skate park end of summer jam 5 2016
notanasshole Its sunny this weekend, remember to rock out with your rooster out!Check out this old pic of Ron with hair at Granville and Hastings back in the day. (click!)
notanasshole Happy Birthday Flash - love ya man! (click!)
IRIDE-A-DINOSAUR glad this site is till here
IRIDE-A-DINOSAUR i just logged in too after quite a few years
IRIDE-A-DINOSAUR been a long time....
Tree Haha making a post 10 years after my last one
Flash haha
Flash (click)
notanasshole Miss everybody! Ride on.
Flash Love it.
j The xmas lights have been up for a full year. Happy holidays! :)
djfivejames heh heh (click!)
djfivejames there's some hilarious old topics in here, holy
djfivejames damn its been a while
Flash Party lights, hell yeah!
cheech party!
neil we need to have a FEEBLE JAM!!!
neil we had a good run while it lasted.
neil well it doesn't look like anyone is still here. to bad.
cobrasneverdie was up?
Flash Feb 16 2015. Hey!
notanasshole no, don't go T! we should meet up and ride sometime.
Hyperminilie how do I delete my account J?
j Happy holidays.
2_2 OMG OMG OMG i remember this place...
Flash I need to check in more often, my last visit was May!
Flash Thank you!
j Night!
j Email me if you need an account or if you can't login to your old one for some reason.
j If you aren't already a member you are out of luck. Registration is closed.
j 2500 fake accounts are gone.
j I think I kept everyone who was a real person.
j Spam is gone. Went on a rampage. Wrote some scripts to destroy everyone with no posts. Went through all the newbs and purged the spammer.
notanasshole J - tag, again, check email/pm.
notanasshole Braeden - tag
notanasshole Neil - Tag
notanasshole Flash - tag
notanasshole J, tag.
notanasshole Flash - tag
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